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Went to Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010 on 12 December 2010. Which supposed to be the PIKOM PC Fair for 2010. To my surprise, when I reached there, there’s not many people around. I started questioning myself when I parked the car. There’s actually not many people that come to this Digital Lifestyle Expo. Actually, I like it better that way… easy for me to walk around… hahaha…

They’ve changed the concept and divided the exhibition to few categories as I mentioned in my earlier post on Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010.


This time I went with my wife since there’s no one that are able to follow me, so my wife decided to accompany me. So sweet of her to accompany me to my most favorite exhibition (that supposed to be PIKOM PC Fair). The first few hall was quite interesting. They’re showing their innovation on electrical appliances such as TV, fridge, etc….

Kinect @ REGZA

Sony got this large booth that shows their new technology on 3D… they try to make everything in 3D now… I think that’s the trend now…

Sony Booth

I bought a new backpack for my notebook from PowerLogic. The salesgirl was telling me that the bag comes with a 10 years warranty which I doubt it because it doesn’t state it anywhere at the bag or at tag. Anyway, I love the design and it is light and seems tough. I’ve got a free speaker for the bag.

PowerLogic & SoniGear booth…

The AirBag Travel Gear

2GO Sonic Pouch Speaker… FREE!

Got lots of free online games CDs and some free give at the “Games” area. I even registered with Garena and receive a free cap for the lucky draw. I have to do few things before I can go for the lucky draw and 1 of it is I need to take photo with their model as you can see below. Took it from their Facebook page.

GO Kart… from Garena

Garena Booth

The last hall would be the “Wireless, Mobile & Broadband”. All the phone manufacturer and broadband provider was there.

At Razer… they have the “TRON Legacy” gaming mouse & keyboard… Super cool and it glows…

TRON… gaming mouse & keyboard

Got the chance to see the new Huawei smartphone, the Huawei Ideos, an entry level Android phone. It looks nice but a little small to me as I’ve already used to my Samsung Galaxy S 4″ screen. It is a great alternative to anyone that are really on a tight budget… It cost RM799 for the exhibition.

Huawei Ideos U8150

The TM “UNIFI” team did a demo on their fiber optic package speed. It was super fast… You can see it in the video… Actually you can’t really see anything much on UNIFI in the video. What they actually doing are opening around 10 windows of 1080p HD video and all the videos doesn’t buffer at all.


Took lots of photos because there’s not many people around. Here are the photos of the exhibition:

It is quite interesting where they put the products into categories, but I think they should just keep the PC Fair concept. The computers, games and mobile devices might be fine to be put together but the other categories should be separated. Compared to PIKOM PC Fair, it is a lot smaller. By next year, PIKOM will have their PIKOM PC Fair back in the calendar. So, see you guys, April next year.

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  1. Reply Thirukumaran Sandran Feb 10,2011 4:28 pm

    I was there too bro…..lots of gadgets but not much crowd as I went on the Friday…..

  2. Reply Azam Feb 11,2011 9:17 am

    Even on Sunday there’s not many people around… Maybe we can go together next time. 🙂

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