ASUS Padfone Officially Revealed At COMPUTEX 2011!

Do you sometimes feel that you wanted to have a bigger display on your smartphone? As big as a tablet? Now you can… The latest product in ASUS family… the Padfone which consist of both world, a phone and tablet.

After the success of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, ASUS came out with some new idea. Here is the ASUS Padfone. A hybrid of smartphone and tablet (I’m not sure whether I can call it a hybrid… hmmm…).

The phone will be the main device and the tablet will act something like a docking station. Usually the docking station would be something like keyboard or

Nothing much was said about it but from what I know, the tablet is not a standalone device, meaning that it cannot function without the phone.

Check out the videos from ASUS:

It is an innovative idea but not very functional. For me, the only best thing that the tablet extension can offer is the extra battery life.

If I wanted to share the data plan of my smartphone, I can use the wireless tethering from the smartphone and I can share it with few other devices as well and you can still use the smartphone and the tablet simultaneously.

We must wait for the pricing. If the price of the tablet extension is half of the normal tablet (as it cannot work as a standalone tablet), then it might be a good deal.

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