Kursus Affiliate with Rahman Basri 2

Last weekend I went for a course called “Kursus Affiliate” from Rahman Basri, one of top Internet Marketer in Malaysia.

This course was about Affiliate Marketing which he’s one of the top sifu on Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia.


The course was packed with info and it was fun as well.

With the help of Gero Azrul (a new Facebook Marketing guru), the course was entertaining and much more informative.

As any seminars/ courses, I’m able to make new friends that shares the same interest and expand my network at the same time.

Rahman Basri

Muaz Abdul Hadi was there as well. He’s one of the top Infopreneur and Internet MarketerĀ in Malaysia.

Muaz Hadi

I was very tired but pump up with energy after the course. You can see how tired I am from the pictures. Thanks to Amir Azros for some of the photos.

The Attendees…

I would recommend anyone to go for the course if they have it again. Anyway, if you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing from Rahman Basri, you can get his videos here http://bit.ly/kursusrb. The only thing is that the videos is in Malay.

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  1. Reply Richie Feb 8,2011 1:50 pm

    anak murid RB rupanyaa.. hehe.. salam ziarah bro

  2. Reply Azam Feb 9,2011 5:30 pm

    hehe… thanks for visiting RR…

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