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Apple iPad 2

One of the most awaited device this year revealed yesterday by Steve Jobs himself. As predicted, they’ve added cameras and dual core processor. Most of the hardware specs are the same as the iPad.


Here are some of the basic specification of the Apple iPad 2:

  • 9.7 inch display
  • 1Ghz dual-core A5 processor – new
  • iOS 4
  • 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB storage
  • Back camera and VGA front facing camera for video call (Facetime) – new
  • Back camera able to record 720p HD video @ 30fps – new
  • Three-axis gyro – new
  • 25 watt-hour (up to 10 hours of usage)
  • Weight from 601gm
  • 8.8mm thick.

Now they have Facetime for iPad as it already have the front facing camera. As predicted that they wanted to implement Facetime to all of their devices.

It’s also has three-axis gyro for better gaming experience.

They’ve also created a new cover (called SmartCover) together with the iPad 2 which you can get for an additional price (as usual). The cover attached to the iPad 2 using magnet (magnet attached to an electronic device? hmmm…) They should be the expert. Anyway, the cover also act as a stand and the iPad 2 will wakes up automatically once the cover is open and sleep once it is closed. That’s quite nice to me but not something new and that important as it is not hard to unlock the screen.


The thing that I really like about iPad 2 (and iPhone 4 as well) is because of the iMovie software which to me is a very cool apps.

The thing that I don’t like when they do presentation is that they like to demote (I’m not sure whether that’s the correct word for it) their competitors which sometimes seems ridiculous. Why can’t they show how good their product is (don’t think that they can do that) and it will sell by itself.

iPad 2 is quite an impressive device but nothing different than any other tablets out there. The hardware changes are no surprise and mostly highly expected. The iPad or Apple fanboys would love this device as now it is par (on hardware point) to other tablets out there. The white colored version looks cheap to me and the cover with magnetic attachment?… hmmm… I think it is a bit hard to hold something wide and very thin at the same time. Need to test it out to get a feel. The best part would be the price. They will keep the same price for the iPad 2 as the previous iPad.

3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Revealed!

  1. Reply Thristhan Apr 5,2011 11:58 am

    Jom bro, we buy together 🙂

  2. Reply Azam Apr 5,2011 3:05 pm

    Try to get it for free now…
    Will be able to blog and vblog on the go… that will be cool…
    Basically, I just love iMovie and it’s only available on Apple’s devices…
    So, might want to get it when it reached Malaysia.

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